Residential and Domestic Water Mist Systems.

Water Mist in domestic properties have grown in demand over the last 10 years due more stringent Fire & Building Regulations. Building Regulations Approved document B can allow water mist systems to be used instead of other passive fire protection. For example: the removal of walls to allow open plan living, removal of secondary means of escape if the building is over 7.5m high, allows open stairways and more. To allow for these relaxations all domestic and residential sprinkler systems must comply with BS8458:2015.

As of 2016, Wales was the first country in the world to introduce legislation making it compulsory for all newly built houses and flats to be installed with fire sprinklers to BS8458:2015.

Water Mist Systems can also allow for some buildings to be constructed that would otherwise not get planning consent. For Example: Buildings with limited access for fire brigade.

With the rapid advancement of technology water mist have become barely noticable and aesthetically pleasing, only part visible is an small nozzele that`s housed in a GU10 Spotlight fitting that comes in any colour of your choice