Gold Alarm

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Gold Alarm

from 845.00
  • Professionally Fitted anywhere in the UK

  • Zone Control for Part-Arming
  • 433MHz Frequency
  • Expand System with up to 20 Accessories
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Send Push Notifications to a Smart Device
  • Works with iPhone & Android
  • Part-Arming
  • Loud External Siren
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Home alarm system, controllable from a smartphone.

The Alarm App allows alerts and notifications to be sent to a smartphone via email, iOS push message or SMS text message whenever an alarm is triggered. Remote arm/disarm function. Part-arming allows securing of certain zones, such as arming downstairs alarms while keeping upstairs disarmed. All components are self-contained and no wired connections are required between units, meaning no carpets need to be lifted and no damage is done to decorations.

433MHz technology is expandable up to 20 devices allowing huge versatility and tailoring the system to the home. Direct alerts mean no monthly fees.