Domestic CCTV

In our last news article we spoke about commercial CCTV and how it can help and assist your business by providing a number of key benefits to ensure maximum security and surveillance.

So this week, Craig Wright Electrical Ltd would like to explain to you about the benefits of our CCTV installations on domestic premises and the reasons as to why you should think about installing one in your house and home.

Did you know

The estimate number of CCTV cameras in the UK is more than 6 million, which means one camera for every 11 people

Many homes are now equipped with CCTV but should you install these at your home?  Here at Craig Wright Electrical we believe that a good quality CCTV system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of your property as well as acting as a deterrent for any unwanted visitors to your house. 

Take a look at the key benefits below:-

• CCTV security systems could reduce your home and property insurance costs. You are less of a target, so the risk is lowered, which means the price of your insurance could decrease too.

• CCTV can provide people with an increased sense of security and reassurance, particularly in areas where the crime rate is high.

• CCTV can act as comfort blanket, knowing that your property is being watched over.

• CCTV is used for the prevention and detection of crime on your property and can prove very useful if CCTV evidence is required for criminal or civil proceedings.

• CCTV allows you to monitor the perimeter of your property from the safety of your home

• Believe it or not, our CCTV cameras take very little maintenance.  Once installed you can rely on them to monitor your home and family for years to com

These are just a few benefits of installing CCTV in your home.  We believe in providing top quality CCTV packages to suit your needs and budget.

Let your security, be our business!

Craig Wright – Owner of Craig Wright Electrical