CCTV in business

CCTV In Business

LATEST NEWS – Crime reported as Shop Theft has risen over the past year in the South Wales area according to  Shop Theft has increased from 757 in April 2016 compared to 839 reported crimes in April 2017, an increase of 82 more offences of Shop Theft in comparison to April last year.  This does not include those crimes that have been recorded as Burglary From Shop.

CCTV systems are imperative for all businesses no matter how big or small.  Think about your environment and that extra added benefit of feeling safe and secure, whether you work in an office of 100 or a small family run business.  Commercial security for your business is so important and doesn´t cost the earth! So why should you choose to have CCTV installed? 

Most people think that CCTV security systems are expensive and complicated to operate and don´t know enough about how these systems actually work.  So here at Craig WrightElectrical we want to explain in a little more detail whichshould hopefully convince you to get one installed in your Business today!

• Just by having the sight of CCTV cameras on your property is enough to scare off most opportunist thievesand make them think twice before breaking in. Even during day time, your business can be a target especially if it is located in high crime area. 

• Surveillance Systems aren’t complicated or expensive to operate or maintain.  Here at Craig Wright Electrical we can install and train you as a customer on how to usethem. They aren’t that expensive as many think them to be, with high quality, high resolution CCTV cameras available at a very reasonable price.

• Remote CCTV Surveillance is also an option and is a great solution to keeping an eye on your property or office in real time.  Plus have you thought about preventing unwanted employee behaviour?  This is a great way to keeping an eye out for vandals as well as your employees.  What a great way to increase employer efficiency and productivity!

• Every business, big or small, has vulnerable areas like high security storage spaces where sensitive data is stored, or cash registers is a popular one. Our CCTV surveillance systems let you watch over these areas so they are protected at all times while also providing you with evidence in case something does go wrong.

• CCTV is great for the prevention and detection of any crime and you may even get a discount on your business insurance for having this!

So there you have it, the 5 most important reasons why you should install CCTV in your business.   CCTV systems are imperative if you are at all to protect these spaces and safeguard your overall commercial security.

Craig Wright – Owner of Craig Wright Electrical